Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Beautiful Day"

Day 61 40 min - 2km swim, 91 min - 36km bike, 33min - 5.5km run

Total on Week 301 minutes

Last night I did a lot of reading about swimming technique and was looking forward to a new workout. Plan was to do repeat 50s for 2000m on a 1 minute cycle so I could get decent rest and focus on technique. Was really fun to do and I was pretty pleased with the pace and the stroke improvement. I got the lifeguard to video me for my warm up (ignore the really sloppy turn at 50m) and I will take another video in a few weeks to see if there is an improvement. So that was one part of a wonderful day.

Bike commute and easy run tonight were both uneventful but the best part of the day was attending Leah's Cross Country Race. Was her first High School XC race and given her knees/shins etc pain she ran pretty pain free - looks like the massage for her and the rest did her good and she finished 13th which if she does that for the rest of the series will be enough to qualify her for provincials. She was a bit disappointed but her coaches and I were all very happy for her.

Ended off the night watching TV with Leah and Frances and then a light snack and bed. Despite the rain it was a Beautiful Day (to quote U2)


Shannon Wicks said...

41.25 seconds on the first 50m...not bad although you should be holding 41 even. Thats OK, I wasn't there to push you that day :) (note the sarcasm)

Sous-Chef said...

Go Leah! Go Dad! :D