Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Positive View of Forced Rest

Days 73-75 Forced Rest

Well so far I haven't been as sick as the rest of the family since Sunday but haven't felt well enough to train through it and not risk Saturday's race. If I wasn't racing Sat I probably would have done a light workout or two. However, its been a great break for my knee and overall I am starting to get a strong "itch" to race.

That being said I hope I completely shake the cold for a strong race. Goal is around a 1:26, an aggressive goal to be sure.

So that being said a good sleep tonight and maybe a light bike or light run tomorrow.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rules of Recovery and Illness

Day 72 Rest Day

With three others sick in the family it looks like my taxed immune system from a long last week work and training wise I picked up this cold. Made sure I got a good rest this morning prior to Church and then a long nap this afternoon with lots of fruit and vitamin C.

Some friends immediately went to the "over training" reason of me getting sick and notwithstanding that as a possibility I think its not so much as over training but a long week and lots of sick people around me. The real test will be how long it takes me to recover and if I can beat this illness back quickly - hopefully prior to the race on Saturday.

Took the advantage of a decompressed day to do some research on recovery and stumbled across a great article. It had five points that stuck out to me as some good rules for recovery.

1) Rest days - This one I have had nailed down for years and years as my regular regime always has Sunday as a complete non-workout day. The article I read said its more than just scheduling a non-workout day but too make sure you decrease other types of stress as well (like not doing a ton of work). So recovery checkpoint 1 for me accomplished.

2) Recovery blocks - Next thing I read said is that we need to schedule 3-5 day minimum recovery blacks where we cut back training on a 3 week cycle. The article recommended the old 3 week hard and 1 week recovery block is often insufficient and most people see a less effective 3rd week in the build cycle. I sure know that to be true and found a 1:1 or at most 2:1 periodization has worked best for me. Recovery checkpoint 2 accomplished as I have been doing mostly 1:1 cycles.

3) Recovery season - The article indicated that up to 3 times a year you should take a 10-21 day recovery season to truly keep the appropriate freshness in place. Since I am only in day 72 of my regime this would mean about every 120 days taking a 2 week really off-season approach. Recovery checkpoint rule #3 accomplished so far - Need to plan that in sometime in November

4) Sleep - this one is a key factor for me. I find that getting less than 8 hours is really risky and if anything this may have brought on the weakened immune system that caused me to finally catch this cold. I pushed the envelope and had at least 4 nights of less than 7.5 hours this week and my experience is that doesn't cut it - add to that the 20 hour workout week and it was my first broken rule of recovery

5) Nutrition - Its a new one for me to be so focused on my nutrition and by what I am reading I think I have done pretty well except getting in more fluid replacements on my workouts. I need to get a better handle on that.

All in all I think this weeks planned recovery block should be good for the knee (which is strained under the training increases) as well as time to recover health wise and be back into prime shape.

Tomorrow will be an intentional extra rest day with a focus on some stretching and massaging but no cardio. One really unusual thing was that when I have been sick my morning resting heart rate usually elevates 4-5 beats. This morning is was actually 2 bpm lower than normal at 38-39 and I checked it three times. That was weird.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mission Accomplished for 20 hour week

Day 71 Swim 45 min - 1.75, Bike 122 min- 57km, Run 168 min - 33 km

Total on Week 1200 minutes (20 hours)

Enjoyed sleeping in to the late hour of 7:45 am. Ha. Morning started off with my 3 hour run which went really well. Stayed in control and ran quite even.

5km 27:30 133 bpm
10km 25:20 130 bpm
15km 26:15 129 bpm
20km 24:50 128 bpm
25km 24:51 127 bpm
30km 25:45 130 bpm
33km 14:00 138 bpm

overall average was 130 bpm heart rate which is great and an overall average of 5:05 per km. After my run I went swimming with Leah and did 1750m of technical drills. Pretty much as soon as I got home went biking with Bernie on my hilly 42km course - averaged just under 30km/hr which was faster than I planned. After Bernie went home I did an easy cruise bike on the reservoir pathway for 37 more minutes just to finish off my 20 hour week.

Really looking forward to the rest day tomorrow followed by an easy week as I prep for next Saturday's Harvest 1/2 Marathon. I also think I need to start adjusting to more bike time relative to swim and run and ensure I get in 1 bike intervals, 1 bike FTP workout and then a 3hr longer bike (which I will likely to do on the St George course.

I actually now have time to watch a movie with my wife before bed. Yay!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Wall at St George, Utah

Day 70 Swim 43 minute - 2km, Bike 180 minutes - 75km

Total on Week (as of Friday) 865 minutes

Still really charged about yesterdays great interval workout running although the knee was a bit tight. Because it ended up being a late night last night I drove into work. Today was a technical swim workout which went really nicely. I spent pretty much the entire swim on drills and continued to focus on stroke improvement. It looks very positive for me to go sub 1 hour on the swim.

Tonight was another late workout night as I set up the computrainer and rode the first 75km of the Ironman St George course. The first 35km or so is rolling but the next 40km was far more uphill. It took me 3 hours to ride the 75km. Average wattage rate was a lowly 146 watts and average heart rate was 100 bpm. Looks like the cardio is fine but yet another indicator I need to build my threshold power levels.

Finally after riding the real course video I thought if I wasn't motivated before to get to a low weight I sure am now because last thing I want to do is lug extra weight up the "wall" at St George.

Time to get a good sleep and be ready for the 5.6 hr workout day tomorrow including a 3hr run.

I believe I can fly...

Day 69 Bike 88 min - 28km, Run 100 min - 18 km

Total on week (as of Thursday) 642 minutes

While it was cold on the way to work the roads were dry for the first time in a very long time. In fact it was even dry enough I could ride up the final dirt hill without slipping tires. Work was another busy long day and I didn't get to the gym for my interval session until 6:30.

It was a great interval session. Opening mile very comfortable at 9:00 with the knee loosening up nicely. Started the 10 min cycles with my first mile at 6:31, then 6:35, then 6:31, then 6:35. By that time I realized that I was running pretty comfortable and decided to try running a 6:27 and it went just fine. At this stage I decided to use some positive thinking and kept telling myself I believe I can run the rest of the intervals at 6:27, which I did for #6, 7 and 8. Was still feeling great and decided to work the last one and ran a 6:06. I think it was back in 2007 last time I ran a mile repeat that fast and I only did 6 of them that night.

I finished off with a bike ride home (in the dark) and was very happy with how well my running is coming back together.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weak wattage on bike, great swim

Day 68 Swim 54 min - 2.65km, Bike 60 min - 29km, Run 35 min - 7km

Total on week 454 minutes - a little behind pace if I want to hit 20 hours.

Still managing to keep the week going despite long work days. Another 5 am start to the day to make this happen with a morning treadmill run. Squeezed in the swim during the day and was really happy that I did.

It was a lifetime best interval session. I think the new technical work I have been working with my stroke is paying off. Warm-up was a easy 8:45 500m, then 10X100 on a 1:45 cycle. I opened up quick with a 1:23 but averaged 1:25.5 over the set. An east 100m kick rest followed by 21X50 descending efforts.

Despite driving kids to and from activities tonight I still managed to get in a bike on the computrainer. After the warm-up part of my ride I rode the first 23km of the St George course on the computrainer. It was a good indicator that despite the good results on the swim and run so far I need to put more effort on the bike.

I managed to average 185 watts at 90rpm average over the 45 minutes on the warm-up with an average heart rate of under 130 but legs were quite tired. My assessment is that the cardio is fine and spin rate is fine but I am not able to push high enough of a gear yet if I want to average 200 watts over the entire IM course. So each week now I am going to work on a tempo FTP workout and start building my sustained wattage.

Long work days and time management

Day 67 Bike 77min - 31km, Run 75 min - 14km

Total on week 305 minutes

What happened to swim, bike, run, eat, sleep? This work thing sure can make it tough :). The last two days work has been very busy and Tuesday was even busier than Monday, with Wednesday looking even busier yet.

Nonetheless after a on and off sleep all night I did the morning run into work Tuesday and again saw snow on cars, grass and park benches along the way. Finished my 75 minute run to work by 7am and worked striaght through until 7pm and then bike home (the long way) in the dark. Did a couple of errands (church and otherwise) en route and finally arrived home at about 9:15 pm. Quick meal, some reading and then to sleep before 9:45. Tomorrow will be pretty similar day I think.

20 hours is going to be a scarmble to get in.

Monday, September 20, 2010

No bribe shall take Kona from me!

Day 66 Swim 38 min - 2200m, Bike 42 min - 14km, Run 73 min - 14km

Total on week so far 153 minutes (goal 20 hrs = 1200 min)

This was a really busy, crazy day with another rainy day on the bike commuting into work. Despite the packed work day I managed to get in a fast 38 minute swim at lunch, no intervals just a steady state 2200m working on technique. After lunch a bunch of more meetings and work items and by the time I got heading home it was starting to get dark. Decided to run easy home instead of biking and left the bike at work.

Tonight I used my run to ponder over a number of challenges at work. It was good thinking time and hopefully the ideas I came up with will be useful tomorrow and later this week.

After getting home and taking care of some personal items we did a family activity (we usually try to do that on Monday nights) and part of the activity was a "Survivor" type game Frances came up with.

It was a simple game, hold your hands above your head without resting them at all on your head and see who could last the longest. Frances then brought bribery out to see if anyone would quit. The appeal of the M&M's got Mel to resign from the game first. After Mel opted out Frances changed the rules that you couldn't hold the hands with each other. Next bribe was some Snickers and Twix. Neither of those things were a temptation to me since I have been off chocolate for well over 4 yrs. Nobody decided to back out at that point so then Frances brought out the homemade crepes. Sierra was quick to take that bribe and dropped out of the game. Frances then put a book on each of Leah and my hands to add some weight. The next bribe was a pack of supernibs.

Now anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love red licorice and nibs but I verbally said I am now off nibs until I qualify for Kona. Leah also resisted the nibs so then Frances added a 2.5lb weight to Leah and I. Next bribe was Lucky Charms, again anyone that knows me knows I love junk cereal, even though I hardly eat it anymore. By this point we had our arms in the air for over 20 minutes and after today's swim they were screaming at me. Again Leah and I declined the bribe, Leah was determined to beat me. And again I said - no more Lucky Charms until I qualify for Kona!

In the end Frances said the game was over and that Leah and I both win the final honor, no treat no sweets, just knowing we didn't give in to bribes.

So at this stage I have now committed that I will not eat the following until I qualify for Kona.

1) No chocolate (since July 2006)
2) No ice cream (since Apr 2007)
3) No fast food burgers (since June 2007)
4) No donuts (since July 2007)
5) No licorice (since Sept 20, 2010)
6) No Lucky Charms (since Sept 20, 2010)

I pray that my self denial will help me in the journey to Kona.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shocking Surpises

Day 64 Bike 60 min - 25km, Run 50 min - 12 km

Total on Week 600 minutes (goal met)

Woke up this morning not feeling that refreshed, likely because I was in and out of slumber from about 3:00 am to 6:00 am before getting up. Morning resting heart rate was 41 still so I was pleased with that but still was not feeling that enthusiastic about the race today.

Made the way to the kitchen and typed up yesterday's blog entry as I had my 0 calorie, 0 fat, o taste yogurt mixed with granola - doesn't that sound yummy :) but it's all for a good cause 150 lbs or less and a Kona spot.

Packed up my stuff and headed off to "Chester-slew" which is what we used to called Chestermere Lake 30 years ago before it was cleaned up. First positive thing was the morning fog - I "love" running in fog, its surreal and I was excited about the possibility of the race being foggy but by the time I got there the fog burned off. It was really kind of cold so did a mediocre warm-up, changed and got ready in the car and listened to music getting some excitement building - well sort of.

Only two porta-potties so the line was kind of long and I barely got out and ran the 30 m to the race line and had less than 5 secs before the gun went. That got the adrenaline going and I blasted out way way too fast and at about 200m realized that a 3:20/km pace was not a good idea and throttled back, almost too much but by the 1km mark settled into an even 3:52/km pace.

I wore the Garmin and heart rate monitor today and just pushed the pace at the even 3:53 range. Heart rate was a reasonable, but elevated 154 average of the first 5km which I ran through in 19:25. The race leader was way ahead and I had another guy about 20m off my tailpipes sitting and matching my pace so I upped the intensity and held a 3:53 pace and heart rate crept up to 164 ish. At 10km I still had the 20m lead and was content to just cruise it in but at about 500m to go he was on my shoulder all of a sudden.

Now call it instinct or call it reflex I didn't even think and just kicked. Crazy kick from 400m out, what was I thinking but he couldn't match it and i hung on for the 2nd place overall running 42:52 for the 11.2 km race.


I was shocked at the result for a number of reasons.
1) I felt sluggish the back half of the week and not fresh like 2 weeks ago at SRRR
2) I did not sleep well
3) I didn't have the same energy as last race
4) My knee was still a bit tight but surprisingly loosened up during the race

I was ecstatic for a few more reasons
1) I actually had a kick, which I have not not had during my last few races. Getting my "wheels" back is a great thing for my confidence.
2) I held the pace and in fact ran the last km and change in 3:40 pace - again, more like my old self
3) In the second 5km section I felt really good with my stride rate and stride range.

So overall I could not have asked for more. In all honesty I would love to say it was all me but I know better and thank my Father in Heaven for giving me the health, strength and mind to train and race the way I have.

Tomorrow full rest day and then a big build week of 20 hours next week.

Snow and Cold commute

Day 63 Swim 30 min - 1km, Bike 86 min 28km

Total on Week 490 min

Easy effort Friday preparing for the Saturday race felt a lot harder than it should have been, maybe it was the snow on cars, grass and park benches as I biked into work today. Maybe its the cumulative effort of the past two months but either way it was not as easy as I would like.

Decided on a ladder swim today, 500m warm-up followed by a 50-100-200-100-50 ladder with 2 minutes rest between each one. Started OK with the 35 second 50 and 1:16 100 but the 200 was depressing at only 2:55, I really should not have faded that much and then a so-so 1:22 100 and a reasonable 36 second final 50.

Decided to take the evening bike home really easy. I think the big hill on 14th street that I have been pushing big gears in to climb the last 10 days is where my tight knee is from. I decided to spin up in granny gears. Looks promising as to the cause of the knee tightness.

I wish i could feel more charged about the race tomorrow. Not sure why I am not - maybe its the weird 11.2 km distance. However, I will get to find out if I can be in race head mode by morning.

Friday, September 17, 2010

More rain makes me tougher

Day 62 73 min - 14km run

Total on Week 374 minutes (Goal on week is 600 minutes)

I don't think I have ever seen this much continuous rain in Calgary. We are known for our dryness but it sure has rained a ton. Saturday`s race could be a bit wet so that will prove interesting as well.

Fortunately this is a recovery or step back week so I am taking advantage of the reduced training week to get a lot of extra things done at work and with responsibilities elsewhere.

By the time I got out for the run it was dark, wet and late. Days are a lot shorter. Where did the summer go, or did it even happen.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Beautiful Day"

Day 61 40 min - 2km swim, 91 min - 36km bike, 33min - 5.5km run

Total on Week 301 minutes

Last night I did a lot of reading about swimming technique and was looking forward to a new workout. Plan was to do repeat 50s for 2000m on a 1 minute cycle so I could get decent rest and focus on technique. Was really fun to do and I was pretty pleased with the pace and the stroke improvement. I got the lifeguard to video me for my warm up (ignore the really sloppy turn at 50m) and I will take another video in a few weeks to see if there is an improvement. So that was one part of a wonderful day.

Bike commute and easy run tonight were both uneventful but the best part of the day was attending Leah's Cross Country Race. Was her first High School XC race and given her knees/shins etc pain she ran pretty pain free - looks like the massage for her and the rest did her good and she finished 13th which if she does that for the rest of the series will be enough to qualify her for provincials. She was a bit disappointed but her coaches and I were all very happy for her.

Ended off the night watching TV with Leah and Frances and then a light snack and bed. Despite the rain it was a Beautiful Day (to quote U2)

Another Easy Day

Day 60 Bike 75 min - 28.5 km

Total on Week 132 minutes

Sticking to plan for an easy week and did just a bike commute for Tuesday. right knee feels much better and then got a great massage. therapist found a tight spot in teh left quad and the right calf was very tight - he junped right on those and worked them loose. That hurt a bit. Otherwise things look very good for the volume I've been doing. Even my plantar fascia has been pretty good.

Melanie commented that my babying the body with preventative icing and stretching must be helping.

Tomorrow I will get in a bit more volume with a bike and a swim plus an easy run.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Great swim plus light volume

Day 59 32 min - 1.7K swim, 30 min - 14k bike

Total on week 62 minutes

Easy week starts off with a low volume day. Knee is doing better but still doesn't feel loose yet although the swim and easy bike helped. Strong swim interval main set again today of 5 x 200 on 3:15 cycle but full stroke not paddle and pullbouy. Averaged 2:59 for best ever 200s full stroke.

Took advantage of the light volume day to set up the computrainer room / set-up better. Posted some motivational pictures, cleaned up some cabling and all in all got it a bit slicker to get in and workout for future days. Did a 30 min spin to check out all the settings.

Took Leah to massage therapist and found out its not shin splints but all related to knees and how she is growing. Aside from wet and rainy weather good chance she will be racing high school cross country on Wednesday. If she has pain he said for her to back off and not finish and rehab another week.

I scheduled myself for an appointment Tuesday night to work on my tight spots. Hopefully that will pay off dividends.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home Restaurant and Scheduled Rest Day

Day 58 - Rest Day

I don't typically blog on rest days but I had a few extra moments today to do so. Right knee is a bit tight when I woke up but resting heart rate is still nicely at 41 so the volume seems to be OK from a "load" perspective but still watching the joints etc. Plantar fascia, shins etc really came out of last weeks heavy training not bad so I was surprised to find a tight knee.

I am continuing the preventative icing and since this coming week is an easy week (target 10h) I will make tomorrow quite a light workout day. Probably just a swim and easy spin on the bike.

On another note our second youngest daughter treated my wife and I to a restaurant at home experience after Church today. She made up menus, set a table and cooked the whole meal. Not bad for a 12 year old although she did conscript her siblings to assist. We snapped a picture of the table setting on the deck.

It was a really nice treat. A bit cold on the deck but still quite nice. Maybe its me but I am sure needing to layer clothes lately because I get so cold easily. I had a well needed nap this afternoon and then played with the kids before bed.

Big Training Day & Balance

Day 57 Swim 55min - 2k, Bike 96min - 42km, Run 160min - 31km

Total on Week is 1140 mins (goal accomplished 19 hrs)

It took a fair bit of effort packing everything in yesterday. I needed to do 5h11min to hit my 19 hr week goal and I had a lot of stuff going on that I needed to work around.

First task, fit in a long run and see an old friend who was in town. Alex was going to be swimming with Bernie at Talisman Centre but I needed to get my long run in early so I ran down to the centre, visited with Alex for about 30 minutes and then continued my long run. Start of the run my heart rate was doing the really wonky pre-warmup spike. Haven't seen that in a while but by a mile in had gone to its usual spot - maybe a Garmin error.

After the run I had a small lunch and then headed to the pool with Leah. She sure did a great job applying my pointers to her stroke and it looks a LOT better. Hopefully she will remember as she trains on her own. Got in a slow 2K swim while giving her some coaching.

After the swim I had some church committments and spent the late afternoon and early evening at meetings. By the time that was all done it was 9:30 at night and I still had a 96 min bike to get in the training volume I needed. Jumped on teh bike and computrainer and watched the 2001 IM Hawaii DVD and just got it done. Finished much later than usual but knew I could sleep in Sunday morning. Legs sure were tired though but next week is a rest / scale back week for volume.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Training or I-Renew. I will take the training.

Day 56 Swim 50 min-2800m, Bike 80 min-28km commute, Run 39 min - 6km

Total on week so far 829 minutes

Oh look, I don't need to train anymore. According to the infomercial my wife just heard/watched I can get an I-Renew bracelet for $20 that athletes would pay thousands for this technology and if I buy now I get a second for free. Kona here I come for $20!!!

On a more reliable note I did the bike commute to and from work with a steady state easy swim and intervals on the treadmill. Did repeat 400's tonight (8 X 400 on a 4 minute cycle. First seven in 75 seconds, last one was 69 secs) and was quite pleased with the results. Intervals 3 and 4 were quite tough and I wondered if I was going to be able to get through the complete set. After number 5 I was into a decent groove and knew it would be more than doable.

That being said it was still a far cry from my workouts of about 12 years ago when I could do 12 X 400 on a 2:45 cycle and average 68 seconds.

More importantly the support of everyone has been the key to my motivation and success so far.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kona Quest is alive

Day 55 Swim 37 min-2km, Bike 73min-31km, Run 73min-14km

Total on Week 660 minutes

Woke up with a slightly elevated heart rate of 43 - have to watch that carefully and morning weight check came in at 153 lbs (down 18 pounds from when I started 53 days ago). Decided to lie in bed for about 15 minutes to just get perspective on life and realized how grateful I am for having the health to manage this training workload, career and family responsibilities plus church service. Also grateful for a supportive family and network of friends.

Today was day two of the bike-run, run-bike combo commute. Another day of commuting in the rain which will help me build up my mental toughness for whatever race condition might come my way. The run to work and bike home were relatively uneventful. Short Swim of 500m warm-up, 5X200 on 3:15 pull with pullbouy cycle averaging 2:58 (go me!) and 500 cool-down.

Enjoyed a family dinner and then got in my final workout of the day. The key focus tonight was to start my regular weekly bike interval training on the spinerval 30 minutes sets. Warm-up then 7 X 90 sec intervals at 90-110 cadence. Set the computrainer at resistance wattage of 150, 165, 175, 185, 190, 195 and 200. Probably was too soft on the wattage so next week I will need to start out at 200. Still got a decent sweat going.

Finished the late workout with 4X30 crunches, 4X12 push-ups (yes, I am feeble upper body), 3X30 biceps each arm and 3x20 triceps. With 11 hours completed on the week time to get to bed so that I have the energy to get the remaining 8 hours between Friday and Saturday (hopefully 3 Friday and 5 Saturday)

Kona Quest is very much alive! 55 of 294 days completed. I can't believe that I am already 1/6th of the way to race date. All the more reason to get the bike fitness up.

Non training stress and training motivation

Day 54 Bike 38min-14k one way commute, run 72 min-14km commute home

Total on week 477 minutes

Wednesday had a couple of rough moments for me at work. I sure hate it when something that tugs on my emotional buttons distracts me. Many people say how much exercise helps them reduce stress levels but there sure are days when non-training stress makes it hard to get the motivation to get the workout in.

Dealing with some work issues prevented a lunch swim (The water was probably still cold anyways) and the wet rain made the bike into and run home from work a little cool. After the run some tighteness again so I better find out where a convienent sports massage place is and get myself scheduled in because it sure felt good the last few days.

Thursday will be a run into work and bike home and swim pending how my day pans out. Lots of work stuff on my mind at teh moment.

Focus, Balance & Perspective key if I want to stil get in the 19 hour week.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Freezer Brain Swim

Day 53 bike 129 min - 57km, swim 25 min 1500m

total on week 367 minutes

Today the pool was opened for the first time in 6 days due to maintenance and they had just filled it. It was cold, really really really cold. I decided to do a straight steady state swim thinking if I didn't stop I would do 2500m. I started fast to get the body heat going and within the first 100m I had freezer brain / Popsicle head from how cold it was. The torso warmed up - slightly. By 1000m my toes were number as were the fingers and I decided that 2500m was out of the question. Only one other person braved the water and he got out after 1000m and he had a silicon cap at least. I "rolled" onto the deck after the 60 lengths and was still shivering, speech was slurred and both hands and feet were white.

A quick shuffle to the hot tub and it took 15 minutes before I started being able to speak, Doug was shivering for 10 minutes still also. We watched everyone come to the pool, dip the toes in and leave - only the two of us were stupid enough to try the swim.


A commute to work and back plus a bike trainer workout wrapped up my day. Tonight's workout after getting home on the bike was Troy J's spinervals 2.0 - Time Trial. The single leg drills really showed me how weak my upstroke is. Looks like a good place for me to start on improving my bike times.

Monday, September 6, 2010

JUST RACE! @ SRRR and a killer massage

Day 52 - Bike 163 minutes - 71K, Run 51 minutes - 12K

Total on week 214 minutes, target 19 hours

Well I am sure happy I rearranged the tail end of last week to ease up on volume. It paid off huge dividends today. I went to the race today with the intent to just race - no Garmin - just old school watch and the markers on the course. Before I get to the end I should do a bit of the background.

Last night I decided that I needed to refocus my racing on feel a bit more. John D would be proud of me. A few years ago at Sheep River he told me to stop looking at the Garmin :)

So I left the Garmin at home and just kept telling myself - Just Race! Maybe it was an attempt to regain the risk taking younger years. It gets to easy for me to be calculated with the Garmin and make sure I even split or even negative split but the reality is that for me all my PR 5K and 10K races came from an attitude of Just Race. Not stupid hard at the start but with some risk. So with that mentality I did a full warm-up with Leah and then some strides and stretches.

Lining up i put myself in the front row and watched as the gun went a ton of the usual stupid fast sprinting starters. Settled in the top 20 ish and got a good rhythm going. By the time we hit the 1K mark (3:38) I knew it was quick but felt still really good and worked my way up to 13th. By 2km in I was in top 10 (7:22) and at 3km in top 8 (11:06).

Stayed in the top 8 for the rest of the race and slowed a bit (4K-14:52, 5K-18:45, 6K- 22:36, 7K-26:35, 8K-30:35, 9K - 34:33) and finished in 38:27. As you can see I had a few slow kilometers from 6 to 9km in the race. However I was ecstatic beating my goal time of 40 minutes and my turbo goal of 39 minutes. Leah set her PR in the 5K at 24:36 but was disappointed with her time and 3rd place in age category. I lost by 10 seconds to first in my age category.

Then a wonderful thing happened - I took advantage of the post race massage and it was absolutely awesome, took care of Achilles discomfort and plantar fascia pain. I definitely am going to get a regular massage into my training regime as I build for the Kona qualification.

After getting home played AoM computer games with Leah and Sierra and then once rested settled in for my mid range (2h43m) bike ride. It was not overly quick, mostly just spinning to get the legs moving and watched a couple of IM hawaii DVDs as I rode (2003 and 2005 world championships) for motivation. Blazeman and Sara R rare great motivation for anyone.

this will be a big week so a good sleep tonight will be critical as I try to hit 77K running and over 250km on the bike.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Easy Day

Day 50 (Saturday) 30 min - 15km easy bike

Total on week 813 minutes

As per plan I front loaded the week and then scaled back to rest / recover for Monday's race. An easy 30 minute bike on the trainer to try out the newly tuned up Cervelo.

Spent the evening at my 25th High School Reunion. Was really great to reconnect with old school mates.

Tomorrow is the full rest day and then I should be ready to rock on Monday.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Great Intervals, Optimism for Sheep River Road Race

Day 49 78 min - 28K bike commute, 54 min - 10km run

Total on Week so far 783 minutes

Woke up more refreshed than yesterday, resting heart rate of 41. Decided that despite being more rested than yesterday I am going to scale back the rest of the week and move my 19 hour week back to next week. Took the bike commutes quite easy and due to a bit of initial fatigue was wary of tonight's interval session.

An easy warm-up and then began the 8 X 1K repeats on a 6 minute cycle. Set the treadmill at 6:00/mile pace so was doing them in about 3:43 with 2:17 rest between. Concluded the last one at 3:35. The workout gave me good optimism on my race this coming Labor Day Monday. Plan still looks good for a sub 40 minute 10K.

Enjoyed a quite walk in the evening as a wind down and a nice chat with Melanie tonight.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time to Listen to the Body

Day 48 99 min - 34km bike commute, 25 min elliptical

Total on week 651 minutes

Only got 7 hours sleep due to the late run last night and an early morning meeting. Was really slow on the bike commute this morning and felt a little soreness in the legs from yesterday. Looks like my cardio is ahead of my muscle endurance. Decided to take Dr. Z's advice and save the legs from too much pounding and swapped my planned easy run with an easy elliptical plus some crunchies.

Commute home was also slow, pretty fatigued today so when I got home played a game of Rook with two of my daughters and one of their friends and decided to get to bed early (after this blog post of course).

Assuming a good sleep and recovery I have an easy bike commute planned with some harder run intervals scheduled for tomorrow. Saturday will all be low intensity with Sunday off to be ready for the Sheep River Road Race. Goal is sub 40 min 10km.

If I am not well rested tomorrow I will take the next two days really easy and go back to my plan to have the 19 hour week next week. If I am well rested then will continue as planned.

I just need to pay attention to the body for signs.

Easy Heart Rate - Good Pace

Day 47 40 min - 2.2km swim, 145min - 28km run

Total on week 528 minutes

Up early today for a morning swim since I had an all day work meeting and then a long run at night. Weather was absolutely perfect and I planned my run to be right at the 125-130 HR level. Nailed it bang on using my Garmin and averaged 5:11 per km over the 28 km. I was surprised how long the heart rate was at that pace. This is a great sign that my base has improved a ton.

Had the company of my father for the last 7 km of the run which was nice, especially with the hills at the end of the run. Finished the day pretty late which means not enough sleep for tomorrows workout

PS posted this a day late