Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ups, Downs and flat tire on Trainer

Day 43 260 minutes - 119km bike, 52 min - 11km run

Total on week 1080 minutes (18 hours) Goal accomplished!

Well it was a day of ups and downs for sure.

Up - slept in an hour and felt rested and got the computrainer set up
Down - No real course video disk because they were still at Bernie's
Up - Kona was loaded on my computer already
Down - Got a flat tire after 80 min on the computrainer - what gives!
Up - Got new tire designed for trainer rides and was back home in 1hr
Down - Got only 2 more hours riding before leaving for family gathering
Up - Took extra bike and rode home from gathering in headwind
Down - Forgot bike shoes and had to do it with runners - yuck
Up - Did brick run right after getting home running slight neg split with room left in the tank.

Thinking I will switch next weeks 10hr week with the week afters 19 hr week so I can race the Sheep river Road Race on the Labor day Monday. I will need to front load next week though.

I know it is still early days but am settling in pretty nicely. I am approaching record month distances in swim and run, marginally behind in bike with two training days left in the month. Volume is not everything but I want to get a solid base so that I can build some power off it on the bike.

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