Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quasi Taper

Day 34 28km bike 69 minutes and 6K running 47 minutes

Total on week 429 minutes

Relatively easy effort commuting via bike to work but surprisingly quick, once I got home I took a brief break and then went out for an easy 2000m run warm-up, then 10X200m intervals on 36 seconds at a 2 minute cycle and then 2000m cool down. Plantar fascia acting up a bit but iced them on and off while I did my standard 100 cruches and 30 pushups, biceps and triceps weight routine.

Tomorrow is planned to be a REALLY easy day. No more than 40 minutes total and it will be a short jog and bike alternating to practice some transitions for saturday's race.

I hope to swim in about 24:30 including the run to and from the lane, less than 60 seconds transition, ride the 38.8km bike in about 69-70 minutes and less than 30 seconds in T2 and run the 9.2 km in 37 minutes for a total time of under 2:13.

Will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

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Blaznfast said...

Interesting. I just noticed that my race panned out exactly as noted there except the run was 10Km but at the pace planned.