Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Focus - Old Dreams

After a month of very consistent and renewed training I have revived a lifelong dream to qualify for Ironman Hawaii. I registered for Ironman St. George last Monday and am now enlisting supporters, helpers, cheerers, motivators, coaches and mentors.

I decided that I need to actually make a real effort to qualify, not one of these half hearted 6 hr training per week efforts.

Over the past month I have built up the training to this weeks 15 hour target. Today on the books is a 50 min swim (2.5K) and a 80 minute ride (40K).

9 months of consistent training and I plan to go to Kona!

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Darlene said...

Wow! Go for it Richard! And along the way, remember to celebrate the successes you have daily, weekly and through the big milestones you've planned. Everything you are doing is taking you towards your end goal and you deserve to celebrate ALL of the successes.

I know that you're already at Kona - in my mind and heart, it's already done and you've already crossed the finish line in Kona with your hands in the air. You are an Ironman.

Now it's the time of training and focus so that you get to experience it for yourself…while you're training, thoroughly enjoy the ride.

Keep going, have fun and call if want support at any time!