Thursday, August 19, 2010

A new and surprising training partner

Day 33 47min 2.7Km swim, 31 minute 15K bike 5min 1Km run

Total on week so far 323 minutes

Today had a special surprise for me as I did an easy swim at the pool and cranked out a steady state swim almost as fast as last years swim at Ironman with a lot less effort. Go me. However the highlight of my day came in the evening workout.

I took Leah with me to 22X East in order for her to get more used to riding the Cervelo loaned to her by Bernie for the race. She was a bit tentative for the first 4Km but once she got more comfortable she notched it up and I was shocked to see her average over 30km/hr on the return journey. We did a small 1Km brick run after biking and she ran a pretty moderate 5min kilometer and had room to go faster, wow.

Looks like she would be able to bike run with me for my easier workouts without any problem. For 14 it was pretty impressive to see her ride that quick.

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