Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Motivational Music

Day 40 42min 2K swim, 80 min 28K bike Commute, 110 minute 18K run with intervals

Total on week 546 minutes

Today was scheduled to be a long training day, didn't help that I woke up at 4:00AM and unable to get to sleep right away so I got up, took care of some tasks and went back to bed at 5am for another hour of dozing. Decided to start monitoring my resting heart rate shortly after I wake up - today it was 46. Using that as another indicator to watch for over-training. Because over training is not my usual weakness I need to be guarded given how fast I am ramping up the volume - remember boys and girls adding 3 hours a week is NEVER recommended.

Easy bike commute again to work. In the back of my mind I know I need to start adding bike intervals into the mix but for now I am using the killer hills to and from work to build strength and power. I am also using the light to light sprints as intervals when I am trying to avoid red lights. It's not overly strategic but hopefully it works.

Planned an easy swim today and did some 100m repeats with a work colleague on a 2' cycle as opposed to my usual 1:45 and decided to work on my backstroke. It's been a while since I have done backstroke so was fun mixing it up and was pleasantly surprised by averaging 1:42 on my back.

After a relatively long work day I headed over to the gym for the structured mile repeats I had planned. First time I have done those at the end of the day and they are a LOT harder than the usual Saturday morning long interval workout. So the requirement was some motivational music. I quickly created a play list of everything up tempo and ran to a variety of dance mix, rock and pop for the 2 mile warm up and then began the 8 X 1 mile intervals session. First 4 went pretty good except I was soaked with sweat, I pity the guys that kept running on the treadmill beside me. I didn't mean to gross them out but when your running 6:35/mile the sweat kinda flings around.

fortunately the water fountain was beside my treadmill so each rest period I had an ample supply of water. Number six interval got really tough but the shuffle feature on the playlist brought up Don't Fear the Reaper. I spent the majority of that interval saying to myself "More Cowbell" credits to Saturday Night Live Skit. It was motivational because anyone that has watched live or on TV the winter Olympics knows the Europeans ring cowbells to encourage their cross country skiers. So between Blue Oyster Cult and Winter Olympic memories I pushed through the sixth interval.

After using Reaper and Cowbell to get through number six how was I going to motivate through number seven interval? well thanks to an ill fated experience where I uploaded my kids music to my device shuffle brought Disturbia to the fore just as interval seven got underway. Never would have thought it would be a song that would take me through but it did. Now some of you out there might be doing mental math and saying to yourself those songs don't last 6:35, your right, some other random song usually came on as well but these are the ones that gave me the extra adrenaline boost is all.

This left interval number eight. To what great music would my eighth and final interval owe its life to? It need to be something super peppy, as I waited through the rest period on comes Lady Gaga? Was this going to be another shot in the arm from my kids music feeds? I guess so. Poker Face became the mantra of that interval. Now I don't know what the rest of you do when running on a treadmill at the gym but the mirror was less than 2 feet away. Poker Face became my goal because so often in races I watch to see how hard my competitors are working, maybe its a guy thing but when racing I want to know who is suffering and who looks strong. I thought to myself perhaps others watch me and time for me to pull out the race poker face.

So I upped the speed and increased the tempo and did it trying to look as relaxed and calm as possible - could it be the effort actually helped me relax the rest of my body? I think so. A 2K cool down, quick shower and a VERY easy commute bike ride home, I was baked.

And that is how music motivated me tonight!

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Sous-Chef said...

bahahaha, love how Frances' and Leah's music selection help you out.