Friday, August 27, 2010

Long Run with an Old Friend

Day 42 144 min, 25.5K run

Total on week 767 minutes

Because we got back late last night after waterskiing I decided to drive to work instead of biking. Felt almost guilty but sure made me far more rested for the long run tonight. I met up with a friend who lives out of town and I had not run with for ages. He ran 10K before we met as he is 4 weeks before the Toronto marathon and I joined him for his last 25K. It was a fairly slow run for me because it was his final easy long run before the marathon so averaged about 5:38ish or something per km. It was quite fun being able to pass the talk test during the entire run since the pace was nice and controlled.

However, I am going to have a long day tomorrow in order to get to my goal of 18 hours on the week. I will have to have about a 5.2 hour training day. I plan to set up the computrainer and ride the start and one loop of the St George IM course, that should take me about 4.5 hours and then a short 10k run afterwards as a brick workout.

I am SO looking forward to sleeping in for the first time in 2 weeks.

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