Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun and Family

Day 41 39 min 2K swim, 38 min 14k Bike

Today was scheduled as an easy workout day and became even easier when the evening commute home was cancelled as a family friend invited us to the lake tonight to go water skiing.

What a hoot. Melanie has waterskiied before so she went first and showed us all how it was done. The skis were too big for Sierra so she did kneeboarding and was very impressive for her first time, then Leah, also kneeboarding for her first. Next up was me kneeboarding, I did that once long ago and then I did the water ski thing for my first time and then Leah tried it out and also got up first time ever water skiing. The evening wrapped up with Leah, Sierra and Gabby riding the tube.

So thankful for Kevin's invite and generosity plus great tips and instructions that made the evening a total blast. What a great day to have for an easy training day.

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