Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enjoying the Journey

Day 31 Easy Bike 42K, easy run 6K, hard swim 2500m

Total on week so far 3h 19min

Yesterday I had a great training day, pretty much soft in effort but was really enjoyable. The day started with a very easy mtn bike ride to work listening to some easy listening music in the background on the way. At lunch I decided to try doing my first hard set of LONG swim intervals 5X500m on a 10 minute cycle. Was a great descending set at 8:15, 7:58, 7:52, 7:51 and finished with a 7:49. Very happy about that.

After biking home (little harder effort) I had a blast with the kids helping them tweak things for Saturday's race. First I got Leah all set up on a good friends daughters bike (thanks Bernie and Brittney) and she and I rode for about 6K as she got used to the whole tri set up before she went on her own around the reservoir.

Next Aryana and I biked 5K with Gabby who just motored along on a hilly 5K out and back and then she ran 1K right afterwards with me and Frances. Gabby will have zero problems with finishing the kids of steel at Fort McLeod even with aging up to the 10 and under race. Then when Leah got back from her ride, Leah, Aryana and I did an easy 5K run. So Leah is very ready for her sprint distance.

It was really fun to get out with the kids while they made sure they were ready, only Sierra didn't practice because of her banged up knee. Frances and Mel did their own runs.

Today is a real easy day for me, just a light 8.5K run planned since I have church stuff to take care of tonight.

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Sous-Chef said...

I really enjoyed that 5km run together :)