Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Deja Vu

Day 46 41min-2.1km swim, 89 min-34km bike commute, 38min - 8k run

Total on week so far 343 minutes

I am an advocate for variety in training, it's something I share and recommend to keep the passion for the workouts alive and been very helpful over my 32 years of running / racing.

So when today's workout ended up been an almost repeat of yesterday it was a weird case of deja vu. A cold (very cold - causing numb fingers) commute into work. A noon swim, commute home the long way and an evening 8K run sure looked the same as usual.

there were some small variations. The swim was 4X500m repeat on a 10 min cycle (7:50, 7:43, 7:45 and 7:37). A little more snappy ride home - possible due to the different music playlist chosen and finally the evening run with Leah biking, not running with me. I ran tonight's run a bit more brisk, felt pretty good.

Still watching the mild plantar fascia effect and slight shin tingle. Morning heart rates are very consistent at 40 bpm and soft tissue seems fine overall. Fortunately the massive rate of increase phase of my training is complete and now I can settle into a more steady state routine.

To most of the readers (if there are actually an readers of this blog) I must seem to have a pretty mundane life. Get up, commute by bike to work, work 9 ish hours with a short swim at lunch, commute home, evening run, then family or church stuff, sleep, repeat.

Saturday's and Sunday's is where the little variation comes in for other family activities. Interesting twist is that I am quite enjoying having this big focus. I don't think I would want this volume of training for the rest of my life but I know the goal and I know that this (the consistent training) is going to make it a reality.

I am very grateful for the support of family and friends in this endeavour.

No deja vu tomorrow. I will be up early to get a morning swim before an off site work meeting and then my long run (29km planned) tomorrow night. Hopefully I can squeeze in getting my road bike to the shop for a tune up and also a haircut.

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