Monday, August 30, 2010

Cold Mornings and Consistency

Day 45 40 min-2.1Km swim, 91 min-34Km bike commute, 44 min-8Km run

Total on week 175 minutes, Goal 1140 minutes (19 hours)

Woke up this morning very well rested, it helps after getting to be at 9:30 or before. Took my regular Sunday Day off. Usual church things yesterday with an occasional attempt to catch IM Canada on the net but they had major slow network issues so gave up and looked up the results this morning.

Was very happy to see both Kyle Marcotte and Scott Curry have reasonably good races. Hope they were happy with their performances. Go fellow Calgarians.

It was far colder today this morning for my ride to work, out came long sleeves, gloves, warm undergarments, tights and extra jacket. It can't be that we are already heading to winter like conditions. Nonetheless it was a nice ride into work. Good day at work as well.

main set in the swim was my best 5 X 200 pull on 3:30, averages 2:57. Took the long route home on the bike and then had a really fun 8K run with Leah to finish off the training day. Enjoyed time with the family tonight for about an hour and then bed.

Today's routine worked really well and I am still being very consistent to my plan.

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