Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big Days, Blistering Race, Baptism

Day 36 1600m swim 27 min, 49K bike 94 min, 10K run 42 min

Total on Week 602 minutes

I enjoyed yesterdays rest/walk day and despite a couple of successive nights of less sleep woke up pretty refreshed and ready to race. Last night I couldn't believe I had trouble sleeping - thinking about the race. I can't even remember the last time I was this nervous about a race, not even Ironman in Florida. Perhaps it was that I was thinking the big win, perhaps because I had been training hard for 5 weeks, who knows, but nonetheless I was nervous.

We went down to Fort McLeod with all 5 girls ready to race. My dad came down as well and also Granny Jan to see the kids race. Frances (aka Crash) was dropping down to the Sprint due to foot injuries and everyone was ready to go.

I won't bore everyone with the usual play by play of the race except to say three things.

1) We had so much fun as a family all racing a triathlon together

2) The Rush family rocked Fort McLeod competition wise. I won the Olympic outright going 2 minutes faster than last year on a course about 4 minutes longer, Melanie was 3rd women overall in the Olympic and won her age group, Frances was 4th women in the Sprint and won her category, Leah finished 15th women in the sprint and 34 out of 115 total with her age category win, Aryana beat her estimate by 24 minutes and finished 71 of 115, Sierra finished 7 of 14 in 16 and under (as a 12 yr old) in the Super Sprint and Gabby was 3rd girl in 10 and under (as an 8 year old).

3) Frances, Leah, Gabby, Melanie and I all had blistering run times to make the places we did. I ran down 2 guys with over 2.5 minute leads to take the win, Frances and Leah both running near PR pace for their runs despite it being a tri, Melanie ran her fastest 10K in about 8+ years and Gabby was the fastest runner in 10 and under girls.

For the statistical gory details go


Some Garmin data on my race



After we got home we then had another type of special day as a family as grandparents, cousins etc all joined our family in the Baptismal ordinance for Gabby. It was a different type of wonderful family experience.

Definitely a big day at our house.

Rest day tomorrow and then an 18 hour training week for me next week.


chaco sandals said...

This is definitely a big day, awesome memories of yours.

Sous-Chef said...

Definitely the best way to end my family visit :) Such an AWESOME day. - Aryana