Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Balance and Life

Day 39 49 min 2.5K swim, 83 min 28K Bike

Total on week 314 minutes

Today brought a different type of satisfaction, sure I had a really strong swim workout. For me it is challenge to break 1:30's on my repeat 100's so matching my best interval workout by doing 10X100 on an average of 1:27.5 with 17.5 secs average rest is a good swim. My second set was 18x50 descending to 43 seconds on 1 minute cycles.

However, the real satisfaction today was a good day at work getting lots done plus taking care of evening responsibilities at Church.

Tomorrow is scheduled to be far more difficult workout wise with repeat mile run intervals on the agenda. Taking the time to do some preventative ice treatments for my plantar fascia tonight as I blog. Really watching the sensitive spots and amount of sleep to make sure I don't over train.

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