Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Art of Confidence

Day 32 41 minute 8.5k run

Total on week 240 minutes, target 600 minutes by end of week

As many of my friends and acquaintenances are aware I am leaving no stone unturned in my personal Kona Quest. Weight, Nutrition, Endurance, Core, Power, Intervals. Today I took the time to explore the principle of confidence with a work colleague. His background, while not a sports psychologist, brought up the concept of confidence. I was discussing with him how and what I needed to do to race successfully at St. George. It is more than talking about the qualification to Kona in the affirmative fait accompli framework but how I would stay focused racing hard in such a long race.

Don't get me wrong, I have completed 4 ironmans (Canada 89, California 01, Florida 07 and Florida 09) along with the reduced Ironman Utah of 02. I can do this distance but this time it's different. I plan to race this distance at a pace of a Kona Age Group qualifier.

Anyways, the idea that my work colleague brought up is that I needed to train in a way that would prepare me with the confidence to bike and run the way I need to. We discussed how you could train in harder conditions than you would race. Now, its just not prudent to train an Ironman everyday but I had one of those epiphany moments With a light bulb or my head.

My very best marathon was when I trained on teh treadmill every long run mimicing the final miles of the race. This was significant because at mile 21ish there was a particularly nasty 1 and 3/4 mile hill of 5% grade. In training I had run that hill modelled on the treadmill at least a dozen times. When the race came I knew what it was, where it was and how I was going to run it - viola - confidence. Thanks to my buddy Bernie I have the bike course for St. George on teh computrainer. I am going to make sure I know "the wall" a nasty hill on the Ironman bike intimately. I also will get the data on teh run course and practice the actual course for my running long runs.

And that, is one way, I will be building confidence.

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