Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Affirmations and Actions

Day 38 30 min 1.7K swim, 83 min 31K Bike, 69 min 12.5K Run

Total time on week 182 minutes (goal 1080 minutes)

Today was an easy focus with a relaxed bike commute to work and back, easy run and moderate swim (main set was 5X200 pull on a 3.5 minute cycle averaging 3:00 min per 200m).

As I reflected on Saturday's race I owe a debt of gratitude to a number of sources, one of which is my middle daughter. About 30 minutes before race start she asked me if I had every broke a minute on transitions - I responded with the affirmation of yes, I have on Aug 21, 2010.

Interesting that my self proclaimed affirmation proved to be the winning aspect of my race. The swim put me in contention, the bike prevented me from getting put out of range and the run closed the win but it was the transition speed that really won the race for me.

Thank you Leah.

Family photo from the race yesterday


dhampson said...

I love these updates - keep up the great work and keep the updates rolling!

Blaznfast said...

Thanks Darlene!

Mano said...


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