Thursday, November 1, 2007

T Minus 2 days to Ironman Florida - by Melanie

Today we went to the Ironman Expo where Richard picked up his race package, and we browsed all the booths trying to flog their wares.

After finishing that Richard came back to the hotel and organized all his stuff while I went down to the beach, lay in the sun, and swam.

Note that Richard took a picture of me from the balcony way far
away. Of course there are not a lot of people here because it is off season. It is kind of funny watching the few people there are at the beach tip toe down to the water and slowly wade in an inch at a time. The water here is as warm as any lake ever gets in Alberta
during the middle of July. So Richard and I walk down to the water dive in and just start swimming. It is absolutely beautiful, clear and blue.

I have to admit, it was nice to sit at the beach and not have to patrol the water for kids trying to drown each other. I could actually close my eyes and absorb the sun rays and listen to the water, not someone screaming, Mom, MOM...she grabbed my goggles.
Soon we will head of to the Ironman pre-race meal and pow wow. Everyone will be swapping their most horrific Ironman ordeal and showing off their Ironman calves in their cool Nike shorts. Today we got a glimpse of those who couldn't stand not spinning their cool looking bikes down the main drag. Anyways, it should be fun... perhaps we will even spot a few of the pros.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mom! Mom! I left my goggles at home! ... no seriously I did, and I went to go swimming and had none..

Florida looks beautiful! You lucky young couple... ;)