Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Swamps, gators and the drive back

Sadly our trip is winding down. While we do miss the family and are looking forward to see them all again it is also going to be sad to leave these warm climates and return to cold, snow and winter conditions.

Yesterday we had a great time on the air-boat tour. They took us out for over an hour and he kept searching until we found some alligators. The swamp and ride was very cool and exactly what I was looking forward to. We saw birds, crabs, a young gator and ended up going under the biggest hill on the IM course which was a bridge over the bay.

After the tour we drove back through the panhandle of Florida and then Alabama before staying in Biloxi, Mississippi. During the drive I had to elevate my right foot as its swelling fairly severely from blisters on three toes. I am doing my best to save the toenails but its pretty bad right now. The flight home could be interesting if I can't elevate.

This morning Melanie is enjoying a final sleep in and we will make the last 90 minute or so drive back to New Orleans for the afternoon flight back home via Denver.

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