Friday, November 2, 2007

Night Before IM Florida - by Richard

Well, dinner is done, all bags prepped and two alarms set. Plan is to watch an episode of x-files on the computer and then the final fitful attempt at sleep. I actually expect to sleep well - sort of - as I am still focused on getting healthy. Mel's plans in the morning include tolerating a hyper-sensitive nervous husband while he tries to stay as stress free as possible.

Time to go on record with my final race predictions. Mel wanted these so she would know when to look for me on the course. Given the wind is supposed to be calming down and the weather conditions near ideal I can only hope that the sore throat is more nerves than illness.

Swim Lap 1: 33:40 I expect some packed conditions and plan to swim wide through the majority of the first loop to stay relaxed. I think it will result in a better swim even if I don't have anyone to draft off.

Swim Lap 2: 35:50 I expect most of of the people to be fading and with the beach run around the buoy an extra minute or so on lap two.

Total Swim Time: 69:30

T1: Looking at a pretty large transition zone but I got prime bag AND bike placement so its about 3:30 running through the zone and then another 2:00 in the tent. 5:30 total T1

Net time out of T1 at 1:15

Bike: This course is flat, even today riding at 120 HR I was easily riding 31.5 km/hr average in a crosswind. I hold that pace at 128-133 HR and I get a 5:43 ride.

T2: Again bag placement is great, a 1:30 run through the zone and my typical 1:30 change in T2 and I get 3:00

Net time for Bike and T2 is 5:46

Net time going on the run is now 7:01

Run course: This is the course I dream of - flat asphalt and double out and back with lots of sighting on people to use as targets. Health pending I think I can run this in 3:43 with the 4 quarters at 53, 55, 57, 58

Total on day 10:44 as Bernie predicted.


Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,

I've been checking out the site and sending you a ton of good thoughts - I hope you're healthy, loving the moment and going strong. Race on Richard!!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

you are in our prayers tonite I am sure you will do better than your expected times

all in your house

Anonymous said...

Daddy! Well done on the race! I like how you moved past over 200 people on the run, that's amazing. I can't wait to talk to you about it!

PS. I was bragging about "My Dad the IronMan" to anyone who would listen :P

Lots of Love!