Friday, November 2, 2007

The morning before by Richard

I continue to try and rest and get healthy and shake this cold / sore throat. The aches are all gone except for some tonsillitis and my sinuses are finally clear. Yesterday afternoon I did a short swim (~500 m) and the water is gorgeous. Despite the tropical storm Noel going north up the other side of Florida the conditions have been good. Morning has seen some wind but nothing worse than what we see on a regular training day in Calgary on the usual 22X route to Kananaskis. The surf is really quite calm and even without a wetsuit the buoyancy is great.

This morning after about 10 hrs sleep I grabbed a quick continental breakfast and drove to the Gatorade swim practice - not to swim just to grab my free water bottle plus a Gatorade - I needed one to prep my ultra hammer gel / Gatorade mixture. Mel had a quiet start of the morning as a result.

The police have been out in full force with all of the cyclists around. Last night at the dinner they warned everyone that if you "relieve" yourself outside a port-a-pottie they will take you to jail. Apparently there were some issues last year and a lawyer's kids were exposed to someone taking the quick whiz. So they are cracking down.

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Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you! Hope you feel better and are all prepped up for the race tomorrow! WOOTED!