Monday, November 5, 2007

The day after the day after the race

Many people experience more soreness 2 days after the race than the day after and that sure is applying to me today. It is not so much the legs - the calves are tight and the quads a bit stiff but it is the two blisters on my feet that are causing the most awkwardness. Today we are doing some laundry and then checking out of the hotel in Panama City Beach. We plan to take a swamp airboat trip if they are open and then start the drive back towards New Orleans. We will find a nice place somewhere on route to stay and then drive the rest tomorrow checking out sites as we go.

Yesterday they announced that Ironman Florida 08 filled up online in 7 minutes. This could make it interesting for Melanie to get in the race in 2009 if it goes the way it looks and fills up onsite at the 2008 race and so she may have to switch back to Ironman New Zealand as her debut race. I can handle a trip to NZ as a result.

It's always interesting to see how you feel about your race a couple of days later - this one was very much like my race at Yakima this year. I am very satisfied with my performance and don't think that I could have done much to have had a better race given my preparation. I certainly know I had help at key points in the race from the support of friends, co-workers and family - thanks everyone for your good thoughts and well wishes.

Overall its been a great year getting career best times at the marathon, half-ironman and ironman races. Especially since I turned 40 this last May. I will take a couple of days to contemplate my focus for next year. I decided that unless I race under 4:40 for a half-ironman I have no intention to attempt another Kona shot in 2008.

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