Saturday, August 4, 2007

Week after Sylvan

Last week for my recovery after Sylvan I took 3 days off working out while I was on the road to California for work. I did take a short 1Km hike to Moro rock but other than that nothing.

Thursday and Friday I did short easy runs and felt pretty good and then did an easy 122km bike on Saturday with some pick-ups during the ride followed by a 22km run which occurred in 30C temperature. I really struggled with the temp and despite a controlled 143 HR barely managed to survive the run.

Sadly the biggest news this week trumps any of my training news as one of my tri buddies took a big crash on his bike and spent a few days in hospital and will be up to 8 weeks recovery from cracked ribs front and back and fluid in the lungs. We are just glad you are safe. Get well AW.

Second, Bernie had the unfortunate experience on one of his training rides to be the one to find a motorcyclist in a ditch. The motorcyclist had some sort of accident and Bernie saw something unusual in the ditch and stopped to investigate. He had been dead for a while when Bernie found him.

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