Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sylvan Lake

A couple of weeks ago we all trekked up to Sylvan Lake. Race conditions were more more favorable than last year with Bernie (18 min faster), Alex (16 min faster), Melanie (30 min faster), Wendy and Camilla (also about 25-30 minutes) having great races. I managed to take about 6 minutes off my Chinook time which was disappointing since my run was weak at 1:48. I probably put too much effort into the bike riding a 7 minute PR (2:39 for the 90km) but my transitions rocked at under 3 minutes. The swim was well under control at 33:15 for the 2km.

I spent most of the bike in pain due to the ongoing glut and hip flexor tightness which also effected my run. I really need to get that under control. Bernie and I finished together at 5:04 and change.

Sylvan Lake 1/2 IM Race Results

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