Monday, July 2, 2007

Motivated by a friends performance

Today I was looking forward to my ride. Bernie (my buddy) had a great race at the Great White North 1/2 Ironman (4:44) and his 2:31 - 90 km bike inspired me. I thought that if he could go that fast and then run I should be able to at least ride that fast for 60 km without a run afterwards.

Melanie and I headed down to High River and rode out east a couple of km to warm up and then out 30 km and turned around and headed back. Very light tailwind out and the wind picked up for a harder headwind return. Both of us rode PR's (Melanie in 1:55 and I was 1:39). I don't think I could hold that pace for an entire 90 km but if I could I would have been about 2:29 so Bernie doesn't need to worry... yet.

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