Saturday, June 30, 2007

Chinook 1/2 Ironman results

This blog will mostly be about running / triathlon.

This week:
Swim 5500 m
Bike 263 km
Run 40.5 km

As I approach the halfway point in the year I am well on pace for some great training volumes compared to my previous years.

Swim 62 km (20 hrs)
Bike 2811 km (95 hrs)
Run 1104.5 km (88 hrs)

Last Saturday (June 23) I had a great race at the Chinook 1/2 IM race. While it was dubbed as provincial championships there were a few key competitors in my new age bracket of 40-49 not in attendance. However, it still served as a great return from triathlon retirement. After the depressing experience of IM Utah in 2002 it was good to return with a solid race.

Race Results here

I decided that based on how I felt on Sunday and Monday I probably didn't race the run as hard as I could have. I know I am capable of much more especially given how well I have been running longer races like the marathon this year. I definitely worked the swim pretty hard. The bike wasn't soft either given that is my achilles heel in tri's. I PB'd my bike split on a pretty tough course and the Garmin GPS verified the distances accurately.

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